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Products and Services for active people and their families

Premier provider (distributor) of all-season activity related goods (Kite Sailing, balance bikes, low no impact carving vehicles and more) and services for the energetic minded enthusiast and their family

Providing you with the latest innovations in Kite Sailing & Related technologies

Warning: The Peter Lynn Synergy is now available. Too much air, too much fun!

Attention: Spouses of Kite Riders. Would you like to get something special this month for your Wind Rider. Check out our gift ideas page!

For more details on the Trikke product line, click here or download our brochure.

Low No Impact Aerobic - Human Powered or Electric assist

What are we listening to?

Radio - Apologies that you can only see what we can hear. We hope to broadcast in the future when we get the licensing done to respect artist and SOCAN requirements. (Note: requests don't currently work, but you can buy)

Peter Lynn Kite Products Wind Powered Sport
Decay Kite Boards Wind Powered Sport
Ground Industries All Terrain Boards Wind/Gravity Powered Sport
Vector Kite Line Wind Powered Sport
Q-PowerLine Kite Line Wind Powered Sport
Kestrel Wind Instruments Wind Powered Sport
Grivel Mountain Products Wind Powered Sport

If you have recently purchased one of our products, please check our new FAQ/ safety page (updated November 06, 2006). It's constantly being updated with everything that you'd need to know about using your new purchase.


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