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Trikke Products - Three wheeled cambering human powered fun exercise vehicle

If you're looking for a fun and different kind of exercise for the whole family,

Trikke On!

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Are you looking to buy/sell a used Trikke?
Please let us know as sometimes we have riders up or down grading depending on their needs.

Contact us to get in touch with the seller

Trikke School and Institution Programs  (Discounts available)

Trikke Riding Connections (find a riding partner in your area)

Trikke Experience Package

Trikke FAQs

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Trikke Accessories - Smooth your ride with one of our Trikke accessories

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Free shipping in Canada Weights   Availability Status
Model Approximate Age Rider Unit Price *CAD$ in stock on order
Trikke 5 ws 7-10 < 120 lbs 15 lbs $149 $99 in stock  
Trikke 5 7-10 < 120 lbs 12 lbs $155 $99 in stock  
Trikke 67 10 to small adult < 200 lbs 21 lbs $249 $176 ebay in stock


Trikke 78air 11 to adult < 250 lbs 25 lbs $359 $316 ebay in stock  
Trikke 78air Pink Deluxe 11 to adult < 250 lbs 25 lbs $479   out of  stock
Trikke 78air Green Deluxe 11 to adult < 250 lbs 25 lbs $479   out of  stock
Trikke 808 Air 14 - adult < 250 lbs 20 lbs $649 $484


in stock  
Trikke 8C-08           tba
Trikke 10           tba
Trikke 12 16 - adult < 250 lbs 30 lbs $749 $582 ebay black, ebay green in stock, only green and black left copper colour out of stock
Trikke-Tribred Pon-e 12+ < 250 lbs 38 lbs     tba

Previous Versions no longer available

Trikke 6 8 - 12 < 200 lbs   $209    
Trikke 78cs 11 to adult < 250 lbs 23 lbs $279    
Trikke 8 Poly 14 - adult < 250 lbs   $359


Trikke-Tribred (T8 version) 12+ < 250 lbs 55 lbs $631  demo unit for sale

* Prices above are in Canadian dollars and are subject to local provincial taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice as we import Trikkes into Canada and are subject to international exchange rates, duties, and shipping. It is our goal to provide competitive pricing that reflect current market conditions. Why do Canadian and US prices differ?

Trikke "try before you buy"

If you are not sure about whether you would like a Trikke or which model suits you, book an appointment by contacting us and we'll give you a 15 minute "Try before you buy". You can also read the newsletter article we published on how to choose the right Trikke for you.

Visitors to Toronto that require overnight accommodations

If you are coming from out of town and require hotel accommodations, we have two recommended accommodations for you. The first is about five minutes drive from out location and located just off the Highway 401 just east of the Don Valley Parkway. This one is preferred if you would rather be on the outside of the downtown sector.

The second is located in the heart of downtown Toronto in the event that you're planning on taking in some of the sites during your visit.

When you book in either of these accommodations, you will be getting a preferred rate that we have negotiated with the hotel.
About 5 minutes from us on the highway About 25 minutes from us in the downtown
Radisson Hotel Toronto East

55 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4R1

Phone: 416-493-7000

Reservations: 1-800-395-7046 US/Canada Toll-free

Holiday Inn Express

111 Lombard Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2T9

Phone: 416-367-5555

Reservations: 1-877-660-8550

How to acquire a Trikke

If you are not sure about which model, please contact us and we'll ask you about the height/weight/age/sex of the rider(s). Once you determine which model(s) you would like, you have two methods of receiving your order.

Two methods of receiving a Trikke order:

  1. Pick up our Toronto location (we'll arrange this with you over the phone), depending on schedules

    • Pick ups can either be boxed (where you assemble, instructions and DVD included), or completely assembled (ready to make your move). Complete assemblies have the following costs (HST not included) associated:

      T5 Assemble [handlebar], adjust brakes $10.00
      T67 Assemble [front fork, handlebar], adjust brakes $15.00
      T78 Air pressure test, assemble [front fork, handlebar], adjust brakes $20.00
      T8 Air pressure test, assemble [front fork, handlebar], adjust brakes $20.00
      T12 Air pressure test, assemble [front fork, handlebar], adjust brakes $30.00
    • For custom upgrades, like the Ergon Grips, we require an additional assembly time

  2. Ship via Canada Post Expedited

Two methods of paying for your Trikke order:

  1. Pick ups can be cash or credit (MasterCard/Visa/Amex)

  2. Shipping with Canada Post Expedited Parcel

If you decide that you want the Trikke shipped to you, please provide us with your mailing address, email and a phone number.

Ordering Process

Pick up options

  1. If you would like your Trikke pre-assembled, we require 24 hours notice before your pickup. At the time of your order, we will let you know the charge for assembly depending on the model. As of July 28 2008, your Trikke will be assembled by a certified Trikke Technician.

  2. We He wants you to succeed! Trainer Bio: Grant Fitz
    Grant has been educating sports enthusiasts since the mid 1990s. First in power kiting, and now in Trikking. As a trainer and educator, he never stops learning. Every student that he teaches, helps him learn how to train others. He is always looking for the new method and refining his methods that will help you get to where you want to go; be a better rider. Years of experience (both training and teaching) packed in 30 minutes will start you on your new move and give you a clearer path to launch from!

    Comments from others that have taken the session
    Michael - You are a true professional

    If you would like a 30 minutes Trikke lesson, we will schedule this with you over the phone. This can be combined with a purchase pickup or separately. The charge for the lesson is CAD$20 + HST. Since July 28 2008, your Trikke lesson will be conducted by a certified Trikke Trainer. For a longer session or for more than one individual, please consider our Trikke Experience Package.

Due to the popularity of the Trikkes, we have included an availability status to help you know what models we currently have in stock, and other demo models available for sale. If the model you're considering is not in stock, please considering adding a confidential "Monitor this page" or contact us. We will get in touch with you once the model you are looking for has arrived.

Retail Sales Tax Rebate: Notice: If you purchased a Trikke in Ontario on or after December 1, 2007 and on or before December 31, 2010, please submit your receipt as you may be eligible for a Retail Sales Tax exemption. More Details. Remember to keep a copy for your warranty records. Frequently asked questions (faqs) about the program. The Adobe (download pdf reader) form you will need to fill out can be downloaded from here. Trikke on!

Status Indians, Indian Bands and Band Councils:

RST/PST Notice: Sales to those with Indian status are exempt from RST/PST as long as individual can prove that the product is being used on a reserve. We will need a copy of your Secure Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) card to process the transaction. We will validate your band number (first 3 digits of the 10 digit number) against the list of First Nation Reserves.

GST/HST Notice: Sales to those with Indian status are exempt from GST/HST as long as the product is shipped to a reserve in Canada. We will need a copy of your Secure Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) card to process the transaction. We will validate your band number (first 3 digits of the 10 digit number) against the list of First Nation Reserves. We generally ship via Canada Post Expedited and the order is fully insured. This exemption does not apply to products picked up.

Our recommendation: If you're within driving distance, make the trip to help us get you the right model for your needs. We generally have all models available for demo. The HST you'll have to pay to pick up is probably close to the the amount you'd pay in shipping. Hence no real savings but that depends on your driving costs. This way you'll be able to experience the Trikke and know exactly what your ride style will be like!

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