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Water Craft - Human-Powered Hydrofoil

Canadian Distribution - This product is no longer available. For more information or to purchase, please visit www.pumpabike.com.

Human-Powered Hyrdofoil

It flys like a plane across the water

The Most Enjoyable Human-Powered Water Sport

It gets its motion simply by jumping up and down

Pumpabike (Pump A Bike or Pumpas) - The Original Human Powered Hydrofoil

The Pumpabike is probably one of the most unique water products to come on to the market in recent time. What is surprising about this unique invention is that it not only redefines water products as we know them, but it also captures the essence of portability, exercise, sport and great fun, all in an ingenious and stylish package. The Pumpabike has taken many years of development to get it here today.

Structural strength and portability were two of the key design requirements, and the result of these goals is a product that is simply a marvel of engineering design.

The world today is full of change, and new ideas. This product simply brings new technology to life that makes propelling through the water very easy and efficient.

The Tech term for the Pumpabike is Human-Powered Hydrofoil and this defines this product very clearly. In layman's terms, it is a hydrofoil being used for lift and thrust at the same time. This in turn explain why there is no need to have a propeller to propel you along at a staggering 8-9 meters pre second. The foil  has an oscillating motion, which efficiently transmits the energy into the water to carry and push you.

The Pumpabike is so called because just by bouncing up and down, the device will fly through the water using very few mechanical parts. When you experience the Pumpabike for yourself, you will find it has a ride unlike any other product you have ever used. It is easily ridden, whilst at the same time has an exciting degree of difficulty too, and the ride is silky smooth.

If you have ever tried water skiing or wake boarding, surfing, or wind surfing, kite boarding or simply just enjoy water, you will love the experience of the Pumpabike. It has the ability to be used in a wide variety of water conditions unlike most water sports. So in-between waiting for the wind, or the next boat to give you a pull, get up and enjoy the challenge of the water with Pumpabike. It's great exercise and an experience that continues to challenge you on every ride.

Technical Statistics
Speed: 5kph/3mph-30kph/18mph
Weight: 14kg / 30lbs
Assembly time: 10 - 15 minutes
Max rider weight: 110kg / 242lbs
Min rider weight: 35kg / 77lbs
Packed Dimensions: 1650mm x650mm x350mm
Thrusting wings: Front and Rear wings
Rear wing dimensions: 2200mm / 7feet
Materials: Aluminum, Plastic
Key Features
  • Packs easily into carry bag for storage or transportation

  • For ages 13 and over

  • Buoyant while stationary

It can be set up or taken apart in 10-15 minutes
How It Works

Force by jumping is what keeps it going

The Pumpabike's Ingenious method of Human-Powered Propulsion is simple: Push off to get going, apply force onto the rear of the Pumpabike and the resultant thrust propels you forward at speeds of up to 30 km/hr or 18mph.

Operating Procedures
  • Hold the bike over the edge of the water with the big wing just touching the water.
  • Place one foot in the toe strap, whilst holding the handle bar.
  • When ready, roll forward in order to place the front (small) wing into the water.
  • Now for the most important step. In a very smooth action, push the bike hard away from the side. This will make you start to “fly” (This is the take off step like an aeroplane)
  • Once the bike is “flying”, you then start to bounce up and down in the toe straps. This will propel the Pumpabike forward.
  • Once “flying”, it is important to keep the wings in a horizontal plane. This is done by keeping your body centralized. To correct any sideways roll, simply move your body to counter this roll.
  • Enjoy the ride, and come back to land carefully so the bike will not be damaged on rocks or similar objects.

Something stationary to launch from

There are many way to launch the Pumpabike. Launch from a pier, boat or stand.

When you first get you Pumpabike ...
You'll need to set the spring as it is usually packed unhooked.

It is very simple.

  1. Hold the links in the normal fully up position (bike upside-down).
  2. Loosen the spring nut off until the spring is floppy.
  3. Bring back the NUT until it just tightens on the spring.
  4. Place your finger on the tread next to the hand nut and then tighten the nut another 1/4" inch or so. You will see the gap from where your finger is until it gets to 1/4 inch. This distance is normally correct for most riders. If it is still to soft the bike will bottom out so the spring can then be tightened more.

NOTE: Check the shock body (with the spring loosened off). It should slide easily up and down on the INNER part. We have had some internals binding and this causes the ride to be bad, as the spring housing does not work well binding naturally. A little grease will help inside.


New Scientist

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