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Traction Kiting Lessons

We are currently offering package lessons in traction kiting. If you are interested in taking a lesson, please fill out the skills assessment form after reading this page to help us cater the lesson to your needs.
Our Introduction to Traction Kiting package is designed to:
  • start you off as a complete beginner to give you the basic principles of power kiting

  • provide basic information on weather and preferred locations to fly in

  • learn about the wind window and wind directions

  • provide a brief overview in basic safety awareness as far as setting up (using an anchor system), flying, and later packing up of the kite

  • provide a practical understanding of the flying the kite in the wind window

  • exercise powering and depowering the kite using the controls (bar or handles) while exploring different flying positions in the wind window

  • overview of storing and maintenance of the kite

  • depending on the direction/interest of the student, we will cater the content of the lesson to match with that of the student allowing them to receive a Learning Adventure or a more technical Introduction to Traction Kiting

  • provide either a one to one (basically a private lesson) or one to two teacher to student ratio

  • to solicit feedback from the student(s) about the trainer after the lesson

None of our packages are designed to:

  • make you an expert kite flyer, however you will have the basics that with practice and further guidance may allow you to become an expert kite flyer

We use various type of kites in our lessons which may or may not be similar to the ones you will eventually buy. They do provide a means to teach basic traction kiting principles which are a foundation for learning how to fly other power kites. A student should follow the kite instruction manual that comes with their kite and consult their dealer for guidance. If you bought your kite used you should get a copy of the instruction manual from a supplier.

We recommend our students perform approximately 20 hours, at least, of personal kite flying time with a trainer kite before progressing from stationary kite flying to motion whether it be buggy, ski, snowboard, Kite Sled, Kite Cat, all-terrain-board or some other kite powered activity where motion of the individual is involved. If you've never flown a kite or consider yourself starting out, please read this article (Some of the things you should know when you're starting out as a kiter, regardless of what equipment you buy).

+ Memories Option** (Add this to the above package)

Treasure your experience forever by taking home a media CD of the days events. This includes a screen saver and photos of your experience.

Prices (subject to change without notice)


Learning Adventures in Traction Kiting - 3.0 hours - Package 1


Introduction to Traction Kiting - 3.0 hours - Package 2


Package Prices include Kite Rental
**Memories Option


GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for each the above packages

Kite Rentals (per hour, and subject to availability and rider skills)
First hour


Subsequent hour


*All Packages, Rentals and Options are subject to 6% GST.
Visitors to Canada can receive a GST Refund on Options.
**Options are subject to an additional 8% PST.

Bring a friend and receive 25% off for the 2nd person in the group. Classes are limited to 1 or 2 students per instructor.

Getting started
  • Contact us and let's discuss your interests in kiting to determine which package is best for you

  • As the sport and lesson is weather dependent, we'll arrange a location and preferred conditions in which the lesson can take place

  • Have a look at the What to bring section to understand what you should bring with you and how to dress appropriately

  • We will require you to read our Safety FAQs and sign a waiver before and after the lesson (we can mail or email a copy of this when required)

  • Our packages are offered on the availability between the student(s) and instructor

What to bring

Summer/Sping/Fall (land based session)

  • Sun protection (sunscreen, lib balm)
  • Sun glasses (as you'll be looking in the sky a lot)
  • Hat with brim
  • Helmet (bike, kayak, rollerblade)
  • Water and/or snacks for hydration and fuel
  • Leather gloves or equivalent
  • Harness if you have one (kite, windsurf, trapeze), otherwise we'll supply them if required
  • A good supporting pair of shoes, running, or boots (no sandals)
  • Bring your kites if you already own some equipment

Winter (snow/ice based)

  • Sun protection (sunscreen, lib balm)
  • Sun glasses (as you'll be looking in the sky a lot)
  • Water and/or snacks for hydration and fuel
  • Helmet (ski, snowboard, bike, kayak)
  • Knee & elbow pads
  • Your own skis or snowboard with boots (first time flyers don't usually progress to the point of ski or snowboard motion in this lesson, but in the event that you have some flying experience these could be required)
  • Personal flotation device (ask if required)
  • Harness if you have one (kite, windsurf, trapeze), otherwise we'll supply themif required
  • Layer your clothes, plus a spare set to wear home if you perspire
  • Bring your kites if you already own some equipment
  • More about keeping comfortable in the winter

Signed Waiver and Release

  • Each participant must fill out and sign a waiver on site, before beginning the activity, releasing "Canadian Wind Rider Inc." and it's dealers and affiliates from all liabilities

  • Each participant must also fill out a release form after the lesson has completed acknowledging that the student has understood what was taught and that the lesson was run without incident or accident to either the student, instructor, equipment, passers by, animals of nature, or structures whether moving or stationary

Our head instructor

Our head instructor has been traction kiting since 1994. He specializes in land based traction kiting specifically winter kite skiing. His methods have developed from years of kiting, skiing, wind surfing, powered paragliding and techniques learned from fellow riders and business suppliers.

During the summer, lessons are provided around the local Greater Toronto Area. During winter, ice conditions permitting, lessons are provided on Lake Simcoe at various locations depending on wind direction, and surface conditions.

What to remember about kite flying
  • "Every wind condition you fly in will teach you something new about flying your kite"
  • And when you think you've learned a lot, "Every time you fly your kite, you will gain a new experience"
  • Experience the Elements by Kite!
Check what are riders are talking about . Please contact us to make a reservation.